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Calling all people-pleasers...

Have you ever been called type A, a perfectionist or a people-pleaser?

Maybe you consider yourself a fixer or feel responsible for managing everyone else's feelings?

Do you struggle with saying no to people?

Are you feeling exhausted, burnt out, weighted down?

Are there people in your life you feel unable to leave despite feeling exhausted after interactions with them?

Do you suffer from digestive issues, hormone issues or auto-immune issues?

Maybe you are learning about Narcissism and connecting with what you are learning?

Book Online Now

Current and new client's can both use this feature to request appointments directly from my calendar.  

Click on Request Appointment and then click sign-in, which will open a new browser and take you to my calendar. 

I see client's Tuesday through Thursday, 11:30am-6:30pm (MST).  

Idaho has two time zones, my calendar is listed in the Mountain Time Zone.  

Let's start your mental health journey today!

I will be on vacation April 9th-21st, 2023 and am not accepting new clients during this time. 

Time for a change...

If you can relate to some or all of the statements above, it might be time to seek therapy.  I help clients in all kinds of relationships (whether platonic, familial, professional or romantic) identify unhealthy, manipulative or controlling behavior in the relationships and begin to learn skills to communicate more directly, set boundaries learn to say no, and safety plan if/when you decide to leave the relationship.  We examine culture, belief systems (including religious and spiritual beliefs), trauma and generational dynamics to determine patterns that will help you learn to identify red flags to build healthier relationships in the future and improve self-esteem and personal identity.

These types of behaviors are sometimes classified as Narcissistic abuse or domestic abuse.  I do not diagnose those people in your life, but can talk about behaviors or tactics used by those whom you are in a relationship with.  Leaving this type of relationship can sometimes be more dangerous than staying.  I never expect separation or demand cutting these people out of your lives.  My goal is to collaborate with you to come up with the best solution for your situation, taking safety in mind.  My sessions are exclusively through telehealth so you can attend wherever might be safe and private within Idaho. 

My goal is to get you back to living a life that feels manageable and peaceful.  If you would like to know more, please schedule a free video consultation below. 

Therapy Session Cost is $110 per one hour session.

I am an Out Of Network Provider or Private Pay practitioner.  

I do not see families, couples or clients under the age of 17.  

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