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About Me

Hey!  Its me, long-term people-pleaser, fixer and type A person! I know the work that goes into being this intentional with your growth and relationships and I want to help you on this journey.  I'm a super nerd, sometimes think I'm funny and enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with my tribe.  Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and often you will find me with a warm beverage, covered in a blanket and chilling in my fuzzy socks.  


I started this practice in 2018, and I am obsessed (type A) in building up the growth and finding creative new ways to expand.  I am the President-Elect of the Idaho Counseling Association and Marketing Chair for their yearly state conference.  I also love public speaking and teaching, especially on topics such as burnout, narcissism and treating narcissistic abuse.  

-Stefanie Sherman (Corbett), LPC, NCC

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