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Stefanie’s ability to connect with diverse audiences has made her a sought-after speaker in mental health conferences and community programs. 

Known for her engaging speaking style, Stefanie has been invited to speak at various events worldwide, addressing her signature topics in formats such as podium speaking, small group workshops, teaching classes, large conferences, online webinars and podcast interviews. 


Learn more about her speaker offerings below.

Stefanie Sherman is a professional speaker, licensed counselor, leader, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate committed to empowering individuals and fostering mental well-being. She has presented on topics ranging from self-care, communication, boundaries, mental health in the workplace and burnout to complex issues such as narcissistic abuse, anxiety, stress, and self-identity.


Stefanie was honored to be featured as a guest expert on Narcissism on Radio Boise's "Communication Matters" with Brian and Shauna Smith.  Click the button to listen to the episode "Narcissism-Beyond the Flower by the Pond"

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